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Gunite and Vinyl Pool Design options

Dream Home Construction offers the two most popular types of swimming pool construction to homeowners. Learn why gunite and vinyl pool design are the most popular choices for their durability, flexibility, and aesthetic potential.

Gunite Pool Design

Durability and Design Flexability

Durability: Gunite pools, also know as shotcrete are constructed with a mix of concrete and sand, which is sprayed over a rebar framework. This creates a strong, long-lasting structure.

Flexibility: Gunite pools can be designed in virtually any shape and size, accommodating a wide range of design preferences and space constraints.

Gunite pools are a popular choice due to their customization options, durability, and potential for adding value to your home.

Vinyl Pool Design

Flexibility and Design Options

Design Flexability: Vinyl pool design offers a range of unique features that make them popular among homeowners. Vinyl pools can be designed in a variety of traditonal shapes or freeform shapes and sizes to fit different backyard spaces.

Smooth Surfaces: The vinyl liner provides a smooth, non-abrasive surface, which is gentle on swimmers’ feet and skin reducing injury from scrapes. Vinyl pools are flexible and can withstand minor ground shifts without cracking.

Color and Pattern Options: Vinyl pool liners come in a wide array of colors and patterns, allowing you to customize the pool’s appearance to match your aesthetic preferences.

Most Poular Pool Design Shapes

Choosing the right vinyll or gunite pool shape depends on various factors, such as: the intended use, yard size, and personal aesthetic preferences. Whether you are interested a pool for fitness, relaxation, or visual appeal, Dream Home Construction Pools can provide a pool shape to fit every need. These common designs can help you make informed decisions when planning your dream pool.

Rectangular Pools

Ideal for lap swimming and water sports. Easier to cover and maintain. Maximizes swimming area.

Oval and Circular Pools

Aesthetic appeal with a softer look. Suitable for socializing and relaxation.

Kidney Shaped Pools

Natural separation of shallow and deep ends. Great for both swimming and lounging. Soft curves complement various garden styles.

Freeform Pools

Blends seamlessly with natural landscapes. Customizable to fit unique yard spaces. Adds a touch of luxury and creativity.

L-Shaped Pools

Offers distinct areas for different activities. Perfect for corner lot installations. Provides a unique and modern look.

Plunge Pools

Perfect for small yards and urban settings. Cost-effective and easy to maintain. Great for hydrotherapy and relaxation.

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